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about 公司簡介









Zhongshan NAVI Packaging Technology Co., LTD. is a large enterprises of devoting to professional design  and manufacturing daily cosmetic packaging products, such as hair care, skin care and personal care. Our company has clean and tidy Dust-free workshop, advanced sophisticated imported equipment and professional staffs to provide you with superior service.

Our company with strong technical development capacity and production capacity has its own mold tooling, injection molding, bottle blowing, spray coating, electroplating, printing, assembly workshop to achieve fast delivery and high quality demands,  which can save more valuable time for your marketing.

Our company is located in the third industry,Tanzhou town ,Guangdong Zhongshan City with convenient transportat- ion and advanced industries, and is close to Guangzhou and Shenzhen and only half an hour away from Zhuhai and Macao。

Our company always adheres to the concept of quality first and credit foremost, occupied an important position in the fierce market competition and made our products enter into the international market. We sincerely to provide customers with new and more perfect modeling design and user experience. For your satisfaction, as a part of NAVI we always try our best.


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